RFCMOS / RFSOI 2017-05-31T02:23:24+00:00

TPSCo’s RF/Mixed-Signal/CMOS offering supports volume production needs at 65nm.

TPSCo provides a flexible and highly customizable process, a world renowned modeling kit and best in class PDK support to achieve industry leading yields, maximum performance, cost effectiveness and fast time to market. The company offers a wide and advanced 65nm copper process technology, with a large variety of analog features and models.

65nm RF/MS/CMOS platform includes:

  • Qualification for AEC-Q100 Grade 1, and more than ten years of mass production experience
  • 1.2V low power core transistors with multiple Vt flavors and IOs of 2.5V, 3.3V or 5.0V
  • Up to 9 level metals, 15 metal combinations, superb RF stack: Thick underpass (0.9 or 3.3μm) and thick spiral (3.3μm)
  • MIM (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5fF/μm2), MFC, and MIMFC (up to 5.2fF/μm2)
  • State of the art modeling covering up to 110GHz and comprehensive RF / mmWave PDK with Inductor and Transmission Lines Tool-Box

Regarding 300mm RF SOI, we have achieved world leading Ron x Coff performance of ~90 fs. The associated 2.5V RF switch process design kit (PDK) has been released. In Q2 2016, we plan to release a dual gate 1.2V/2.5V PDK including up to 4 level metals with 3.3μm, MIM, and high value resistor for integrated RF front-end solutions.