Quality Policy & Objectives 2017-05-31T02:23:23+00:00

Recognizing our responsibility to our customers and society, we devote ourselves to deliveringquality products that are environmentally friendly with the strictest adherence to the intellectual property rights of our customers.

To be recognized as a world-class foundry, we aim for improvement of customer satisfaction, coexistence with the global environment, contamination prevention, and the creation of a comfortable and safe working environment and prevention of injury and illness in our production, products, and services. To achieve those goals, we continuously carry out the following:

  1. We develop and implement a management system compatible with international practices, which improves social confidence in the areas of quality, environment, and safety and health.
  2. We promote continual improvement of our management practices and reduction of risks by using an optimized management system and ensuring that each individual and each group in the company fully understands their roles.
  3. We are committed to complying with laws, regulations, social demands, and agreements with our customers related to quality, the environment, safety, and health.


Special focus is paid to the following actions: