Power Management & HV CMOS 2017-05-31T02:23:24+00:00

The TS18PM process platform offers best in class performance and design enablement for Automotive and other applications.

TowerJazz’s 0.18μm BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) process, TS18PM, has been transferred to TPSCo’s Japan fab from TowerJazz’s Fab 2 in MH (Migdal Haemek (MH), with compatible DRMs and PDK.

The TS18PM power management process offers customers best in class performance and design enablement for automotive and other applications. The LDMOS of TS18PM is scalable, so BVdss vs. Rdson can be optimized for each customer design, resulting in the smallest die area. Furthermore, TS18PM offers platform options for different levels of isolation to address the wide range of applications for circuit current level and noise immunity. Customers can choose the best fitting process isolation option for their application.

A wide variety of digital/analog device options with excellent PDK and IP support are available, e.g. NVM without any additional mask step (called Y-flash). Perfect compatibility in the PDK between TPSCo and TowerJazz assures strong support for the business continuity planning of each customer. In addition, standard logic CMOS platforms, TS18SL and TS16SL, have also been transferred to TPSCo, which are available now.

TPSCo has a newly developed 0.18μm/18V High Voltage CMOS process in addition to the 13.5V HVCMOS line up already in mass production.

Currently, HVCMOS is dedicated to the LCD source driver with high resolution and high speed data transfer. In the near future, embedded HVCMOS technology will be applied to various IoT products with HV interfaces.

An LCD source driver with 0.18um and 0.3um 13.5V HVCMOS is already in production. In addition, a new 0.18um 18V HVCMOS process has been developed, with 1.8V or 3.3V CMOS Core, 0.18μm FEOL and 0.15μm aluminum BEOL, which are competitive in the display driver foundry market. To assist circuit designers, the DRMs and PDK of the 1.8V Core CMOS process are compatible with the TowerJazz 1.8V CMOS platform (TS18SL) both in TPSCo’s Tonami fab and TowerJazz’s MH fab. Many analog device options on the TS18SL Core CMOS platform are also available.

The development of next generation processes for the higher I/O voltage market is now in progress.